Customer committees

Community Advisory Committee

Wannon Water's Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meets quarterly and assists Wannon Water to better understand the needs of its customers and communities.

Members of the CAC are selected by an expression of interest process and are located across Wannon Water's service area.

The members of the CAC are:

  • John Wilken (Chair)
  • Lou Hollis (Vice Chair)
  • Tim Clingan
  • Tom Doherty
  • Alex Dupleix
  • Joseph Milani 
  • Tom Nieuwveld

Wannon Water's Board representatives on the CAC are Mick Murphy and Russell Worland.

Download the Community Advisory Committee Charter.

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Project committees

As well as the Community Advisory Committee, Wannon Water has several project committees established to engage with the community on local projects or schemes.

The committees are made up of local members of the community who have a Wannon Water project or scheme happening in their town.

For more information about the project committees established for current projects or schemes click here.

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