Water It, Grow It, Cook It competition

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Wannon Water's Water It, Grow It, Cook It competition winners announced.

Flourishing gardens, nutritious recipes and healthy kids were rewarded in Wannon Water’s annual kitchen garden competition this year.

The competition attracted more than 30 entries, which is a record. The judges were highly impressed with the recipes which were scored on their variety of ingredients, health and nutrition, design and method, presentation, use of other local produce and originality.

The schools presented a range of colourful photos to illustrate their dishes, which included interesting names such as Green Goblin Fritters, Vegesational Soup, Krazy Kale Smoothie, and Roasted Radish Pizza with Sensational Radish and Broccoli Slaw.

Congratulations to the 2018 winners:

Allansford Kindergarten

Kindergarten – 1st- Allansford Kindergarten (pictured above), 2nd – Lions Hopkins Kindergarten

Coleraine Primary School Dish

Primary School – 1st – Coleraine Primary School (winning recipe pictured above), 2nd – St. Joseph’s School, Coleraine

Oast Quail With Winter Vegetable Salad

Secondary School – 1st – Casterton Secondary College (winning recipe pictured above), 2nd – Brauer Secondary College.

Well done to all the students, staff and parents involved for their enthusiasm and thanks to Bunnings for their ongoing support for Water It Grow It Cook It.