Fact sheets

Wannon Water regional maps

Wannon Water provides water and sewerage services to South West Victoria and sources water from five proclaimed catchments throughout the region. For details on our service area, view the following:

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The water cycle

Learning about the water cycle is a great place to start when it comes to water education. The water cycle is the continuous circulation of water between earth and the atmosphere. The fact sheet and colour-in activity below help explain the different forms of water and the naturally occuring cycle.

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Water sources

Wannon Water draws water from many sources throughout the south west region. These sources include the Great Otway and Grampians National Parks, the Dilwyn Aquifer, water bores and farmland catchments. Use the fact sheets below to find out where your water supply comes from.

For more information, visit the supply system page.

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Water treatment process (overview)

Wannon Water has water treatment plants throughout its service area. Water treatment plants receive and treat raw water to an acceptable standard before it's distributed to customers for use. Water treatment differs from plant to plant, but the fact sheet below is a handy general overview of water treatment process: 

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Sewage treatment process (overview)

Wannon Water also treats sewage at sewage treatment plants. Sewage treatment also differs between each site. Download the fact sheet below for a general overview of the process:  

For further information on sewage treatment or to view parts of the process, download the Useful Bugs footage to view some of the beneficial micro-organisms that assist with the treatment process.

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Treatment plant fact sheets

Treatment plant fact sheets are available for your local water treatment plant and sewage treatment plant. Wannon Water treats reclaimed water in a variety of ways. Download the fact sheet which applies to your area to find out how your reclaimed water is treated:

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Treatment flow charts

Download your local treatment flow chart to learn about each step in the treatment process:

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