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Legislation & by-laws

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Water Act 1989 requirements 

Under the Water Act 1989, Wannon Water is required to carry out the following functions in its service area:

Water Supply

  • To provide, manage, operate and protect the water supply system, including the collection, storage, treatment, transfer and distribution of water.
  • To develop and implement programs for the conservation and efficient use of water.
  • To investigate, promote and conduct research into any matter related to its functions, powers and duties in relation to water supply.
  • To educate the public about any aspect of water supply.


  • To provide, manage and operate systems for the conveyance, treatment and disposal of sewerage and, if Wannon Water so decides, of trade waste.
  • To identify community needs relating to sewerage services and to plan for the future needs of the community relating to sewerage services.
  • To develop and implement programs for the recycling and re-use of treated sewerage.
  • To investigate, promote and conduct research into any matter related to its functions, powers and duties in relation to sewerage services.
  • To educate the public about any aspect of sewerage.

All sewage is treated and disposed of in accordance with EPA licence conditions.

The rights and responsibilities of Wannon Water and its customers are detailed in our Customer Charter, which is approved by the Essential Services Commission.

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Statement of Obligations

Under the Water Industry Act of 1994, the Minister for Water issues Wannon Water with obligations in relation to performance of its functions and exercise of its powers.

Download a copy of Wannon Water's Statement of Obligations

Protected Disclosures Act 2012

The Protected Disclosures Act 2012 enables a system for reporting disclosures of improper conduct or detrimental action by Wannon Water or its employees. The system enables such disclosures to be made to the Protected Disclosure Coordinator or to one of the nominated Protected Disclosure Officers. Disclosures may be made by Wannon Water employees or by members of the public.

Protected Disclosure Coordinator 

The Internal Auditor acts for Wannon Water to receive protected disclosures under the Act and is the Protected Disclosure Coordinator.  The contact details of the Internal Auditor are as follows:

Tim Pittaway         
Level 8, Rialto South Tower
525 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
Telephone: (03) 9286 1892
Mobile: 0412 449 535
Email: tim.pittaway@rsmi.com.au 


Scott Campbell
Level 8, Rialto South Tower
525 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
Telephone: (03) 9286 1828
Mobile: 0409 210 490
Email: scott.campbell@rsmi.com.au 

Download a copy of our Whistleblowers Protection Policy.

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Wannon Water provides services to meet its statutory obligations and regulatory requirements, including:

  • Water Industry Regulatory Order (WIRO)
  • Statement of Obligations issued by the Minister for Water
  • Safe Drinking Water Act 2003
  • Water Act 1989
  • Environment Protection Act 1970


Wannon Water is permitted under the Water Act 1989 to implement by-laws throughout our service areas. Current active by-laws active within our service area include:

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Customer Service Code

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) is Victoria's independent economic regulator of essential services supplied by the electricity, gas, water and sewerage, ports, grain handling and rail freight industries.

The ESC Customer Service Codes detail the specific standards and conditions of service and supply that Wannon Water must comply with in providing regulated services to customers. For further information and to download a copy of the ESC Customer Service Code please see our Essential Services Commission page.

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Public Administration Act

Wannon Water is respondent to the Public Administration Act 2004.  The Public Sector Standards Commissioner (PSSC) has issued binding codes of conduct for the Victorian public sector under the Act.

Codes of conduct guide behaviour within an organisation and are a public statement of how an organisation and its employees interact with the Government, community and each other.

The Act and codes of conduct can be viewed from the State Services Authority web site or by downloading the following documents:

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Freedom of Information

Records are held by Wannon Water under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

For details see Freedom of Information.

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