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Water storage levels

Wannon Water has a diverse range of water source supplies in its region, the three largest being the Otways system (Arkins Creek Catchment and Gellibrand River), the Grampians system and the Dilwyn Aquifer. The Otways and Grampians systems have water storages and transportation pipelines, whereas the Dilwyn Aquifer supplies directly to local treatment plants. 

The towns of Portland, Port Fairy, Heywood, Dartmoor, Port Campbell, Timboon and Peterborough are supplied from deep bores extracting water from the Dilwyn Aquifer. This aquifer serves as the storage for these water supply systems.

In the Warrnambool region, water is sourced primarily from the Gellibrand River in the Otways and services the following towns: Port Campbell, Peterborough, Timboon, Simpson, Cobden, Allansford, Koroit, Warrnambool, Terang, Camperdown, Noorat, Glenormiston, Mortlake, Lismore and Derrinallum. Wannon Water has eight storages in this supply system with a total capacity of 2,163 million litres.

In the Hamilton region, water is sourced primarily from small streams in the Grampians National Park and from Rocklands Reservoir (operated by GWMWater).