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Mortlake Water Pipes to be Cleaned

11th May 2012


As part of Wannon Water’s ongoing commitment to water quality, water mains in Mortlake will be cleaned next week.

Wannon Water Managing Director Grant Green said that crews will commence air scouring water mains from Monday 14 May and continue throughout the week.

“Air scouring cleans water mains by using the abrasive effect of air in water to scrub the inside of the pipes,” said Mr Green.

“Regular maintenance keeps our assets in a reliable operating condition to help ensure our Mortlake customers continue to receive quality water services.”

“Crews will commence air scouring in the vicinity of Mill Street and Waggs Lane and work across the town finishing up near Dowling Street and Webster Street.”

Customers have been notified when the water interruption will occur. Water supplies will be interrupted for approximately 3-6 hours while air scouring is undertaken in their neighbourhood. 

To prepare for the water supply interruption Wannon Water advises customers to:
• Turn off the water supply to their property at the  stop tap near the water meter just prior to the scouring commencing
• Store sufficient water to provide for their requirements in case the supply is interrupted for longer than anticipated
• Turn off the electricity to any continuous water heating systems; and
• For gas hot water units  turn the thermostat on the water heater down low and leave the pilot light on,

When supply is restored, water may initially be discoloured or cloudy.  If this is the case, customers should turn on a tap until the water becomes clear.

Customers seeking advice or requiring further information should contact Wannon Water on 1300 926 666.

Wannon Water’s maintenance program is ongoing with air scouring commencing in Warrnambool in late May 2012.