Further bill reductions for Hamilton customers

01 July 2015

Residential customers in Hamilton and nearby towns can expect a reduction in their Wannon Water bills in the 2015/16 financial year.

Wannon Water has reduced its water and sewerage prices for all Hamilton system customers for 2015/16 by 1.8%.

In addition to the lower prices, Wannon Water has also delivered business efficiencies which will be passed on to residential water customers via a $70 Government Water Rebate.

The net result for a typical Hamilton household using 140 kilolitres of water is an annual bill reduction of $93 for residential home owner occupiers and $89 for residential tenants.  A small business using 140 kilolitres of water and with a trade waste service can expect an annual bill reduction of $21.

Wannon Water Managing Director Grant Green said the bill reductions reflect Wannon Water’s commitment to delivering affordable pricing outcomes for its customers through to 2018.

“Affordable pricing for our customers is a high priority for Wannon Water and we have made a real commitment to absorb cost increases in setting the water and sewerage prices for 2015/16,” Mr Green said.

“Wannon Water is implementing capital and operational cost savings initiatives to provide both the price reduction and $70 residential customer rebate without compromising service standards or existing hardship protections to assist vulnerable customers.”

The 2015/16 price reductions build further on the price reductions introduced in the 2014/15 financial year and the $70 rebate is the second of four annual rebates to be issued to residential water customers.

The $70 rebate will apply to all Wannon Water residential households who pay a water usage charge and will appear as a credit on the first quarterly bill issued in the 2015/16 financial year.

“This is a terrific result for customers in Hamilton, as they will once again receive real reductions in their Wannon Water bills,” Mr Green said.

Further information about the $70 rebate and pricing for each town serviced by Wannon Water is available by clicking here or by calling 1300 926 666.