Bore project to safeguard Portland’s water supplies

19 March 2015

Wannon Water will begin works to replace Portland’s ageing Wyatt Street groundwater bore in April 2015.

The $3 million project will boost the security of Portland’s drinking water supplies for the future and ensure that water services can be maintained for customers in the event of emergency.

Wannon Water Managing Director Grant Green said the existing bore has reached the end of its service life and a completely new bore will be constructed to take its place.

“The Wyatt Street bore is an important asset, as it provides a back-up water supply for the primary production bores at Bald Hill that supply drinking water for Portland,” Mr Green said.

“However, the existing bore is now nearly 60 years old and needs to be replaced to ensure we can maintain a reliable secure water supply for domestic customers and industries in Portland.”

Construction of the new bore involves drilling up to 1,500 metres into the ground to access the deep Dilwyn Aquifer.

“Once completed, this new bore will help safeguard Portland’s water supplies for the next 30 years,” Mr Green said.

To minimise noise during construction, the new bore will be located as far as practical from neighbouring properties. The drilling contractor will also use an electric drill rig, which is quieter than a standard diesel-powered rig and work within normal working hours as much as possible.

Wannon Water has contacted nearby residents to provide advance notice of the bore replacement project and will keep them informed throughout the project.

The project is expected to be completed by October 2015, weather permitting.

Further information about the Wyatt Street Bore Replacement Project is available by calling 1300 926 666.