Water pressure reduction to save water and improve efficiency in Coleraine

23 September 2015

Wannon Water is about to begin a pressure management program in Coleraine to save water and help protect the future reliability and efficiency of the town’s water supply network.

Historically, the water pressure in Coleraine has been high, which causes greater wear and tear on the water supply network and increases the risk of costly and disruptive pipe bursts.

Wannon Water Senior Planning & Development Engineer Vin O’Neill said that gradually reducing the town’s water pressure to a more desirable level will lessen this risk and save an estimated 10.9 mega-litres of water a year.

“By better managing Coleraine’s water pressure we can reduce the costs of managing leaks, repairing burst pipes and reinstating roads, make the pipe network last longer and reduce the amount of water lost through leaks,” Mr O’Neill said.

“There are also further benefits for customers, including fewer water leaks at customer properties, less water lost through leaking taps and fewer water supply interruptions.”

“In some instances it will also allow for pressure reducing valves to be removed, helping customers avoid the ongoing costs of maintaining and replacing their valves.”

Wannon Water will start the pressure management program at the end of September 2015 and gradually reduce the water pressure across town through to early November.

While most customers won’t notice any change at all, some customers in particularly high pressure areas may notice a reduction in the water pressure from their taps, but the pressure should still be adequate.

If these customers find their water pressure is inadequate as a result of the program, it may indicate a problem with the pipes at their property and they should contact their plumber for advice.

Wannon Water has mailed an information sheet to all Coleraine water customers to provide advance notice and further details about the pressure management program.

A Wannon Water representative will also be available at the Coleraine Town Green in Whyte Street on Wednesday 30 September 2015 from 4pm-6pm to answer any customer queries.

Further information about the Coleraine pressure management program is available by calling 1300 926 666.