Water Main Cleaning Program Underway

05 June 2017

Wannon Water is undertaking a major maintenance program by air scouring more than 120 kilometres of pipes in Camperdown and Cobden to ensure the reliability and quality of the water supply.

Air scouring eliminates sediment and debris from water mains which helps to preserve water quality.

Wannon Water’s Manager Civil Maintenance Mick Mahoney said two teams of contractors would be cleaning pipes in zones throughout both towns over a 10-day period.

“Air scouring is more effective and water efficient than other methods of mains cleaning,” Mr Mahoney said. “The process uses the abrasive effect of air pockets in water to scrub the inside of the pipes.”

The project requires shutting the water supply off to properties while the work is being carried out. Customers who are affected will be notified by mail before the work begins and are advised not to turn their taps on during the scouring period.

Mr Mahoney said once the work was completed, it was often necessary for the contractors to flush the mains to restore water quality.

“Once the water is turned back on, customers are advised to run their taps for a couple of minutes to remove any cloudy, milky or discoloured water and to clear any air trapped in the pipes.”