Sewer network repairs in Port Fairy

03 October 2017

Wannon Water will be repairing a section of the sewer network in Port Fairy as part of its commitment to reliable service delivery.

The project comes as Wannon Water’s contractor, Abergeldie Watertech, continues a major program to rehabilitate and reline six kilometres of sewer pipes throughout Port Fairy.

In the past few weeks, the company has been working in the residential area on the northern side of the town. Routine inspections have revealed several challenging sections of pipe, including partial blockages that are restricting flows.

Branch Manager Asset Creation Simon Perrin said it is not uncommon to find issues such as this during large sewer relining programs.

“Wannon Water is now working with a number of experienced specialist contractors to determine the best solution to repair the pipes that would ensure the system’s long-term reliability,” Mr Perrin said.

“As a precaution, we have installed temporary bypass pumps to relieve pressure on the network and pump sewage along an alternative route,” Mr Perrin said.

Port Fairy sewer network repairs

The bypass system, installed last weekend, includes two above-ground pumps located in Roberts Avenue and a temporary pipeline that runs beneath the road to redirect flows to another sewer.

“The pumps are the latest technology and well insulated to minimise noise impacts, with the majority of pumping to occur during the day” Mr Perrin said. “We anticipate the pumps may be in place for a number of weeks as we identify the best way to repair the damaged sewers.

“Wannon Water has a team in place to closely monitor the situation but we do not anticipate any interruptions to customers’ water or sewerage services. Property owners who may be impacted by the works have already been advised.”