Warrnambool Sewage Treatment Plant update

29 April 2019

Wannon Water is investigating after a load of milky waste from Fonterra’s Dennington plant was discharged into the Warrnambool sewerage system on Saturday morning.

Excessive milk fat entered the Warrnambool Sewage Treatment Plant, floated through the tanks and upset the plant.

Wannon Water was forced to temporarily discharge water that contained milk fat and organic material to the ocean mixing zone.

The milk fat also clogged the plant’s outfall screen and this was removed to prevent overflows. The fat is an organic dairy by-product which we believe will have no environmental impact.

The outfall screen was replaced this morning and the plant appears to be operating normally.

Wannon Water is treating the incident seriously and has made a report to the Environment Protection Authority.

We are working closely with Fonterra to ensure that flows coming into the sewage treatment plant do not impact the plant’s future operation.