Innovative roof water harvesting scheme expands

27 February 2019

Wannon Water’s award-winning Warrnambool Roof Water Harvesting Scheme is expanding to cater for 580 future houses in the city’s north-east growth corridor.

The $400,000 project includes a 500-metre extension of the main pipeline from north of Kings College to Wangoom Road and the installation of a 150,000-litre detention storage tank which is designed to manage the peak flows from the new North Ridge Estate.

Roof water harvesting scheme expansion

The work was carried out by contractors Duggan Civil and included a trenchless method of excavation to cross Wangoom Road, minimising disruptions to motorists.

Project manager Nathan Harders said the project continues to demonstrate the benefits of integrated water management and sustainability.

“It makes use of the excess rainwater falling on roofs after people’s tanks have filled,” Mr Harders said. “This water is then gravity-fed into our Brierly raw water storage basin and then treated at the Warrnambool Water Treatment Plant for urban drinking water.”

The program began in 2011 with the pilot applied to 250 lots across two subdivisions. It has progressively expanded and now includes industrial sheds at the Gateway Business Park in Horne Road.

“Over the next 30 years, the roofs of some 3000 homes will form an urban catchment that contributes 471 million litres of water each year to the Warrnambool supply,” Mr Harders said.

In an average year, the system harvests all the annual water needs of the properties it is connected to.

Wannon Water is also planning several other major projects to cater for residential growth over the next few years:

  • Work on the $40 million upgrade of the Warrnambool Sewage Treatment Plant – Wannon Water’s biggest ever infrastructure project - is due to start later this year.
  • A new water pipe will be installed across the Hopkins River in the next few months to service the Hopkins Point residential area and ensure the reliability of supply.
  • The need for three new water towers in the Wangoom Road, Wollaston Road and Hopkins Point area is also being investigated.