Helping those who are experiencing vulnerability

01 May 2019

Australia‘s first regional chapter of the Thriving Communities Partnership (TCP) has been officially launched in the south-west.

The TCP is a national initiative with a goal to ensure everyone has fair access to the modern, essential services they need to thrive in contemporary Australia. This includes utilities, financial services, telecommunications and transport.

The TCP aims to build more resilient communities and stronger, inclusive businesses.

Thriving Communities partnership


More than 50 representatives from 28 different south-west businesses, government and not-for-profit organisations this week explored ways to help people who are experiencing vulnerability, hardship or exclusion.

They gathered at Deakin University’s Warrnambool campus for a TCP South West Victoria Chapter workshop and launch.

Wannon Water’s General Manager Community and Corporate Services Kellie King said participants are keen to demonstrate how the TCP can be effective and sustainable at a local level.

“Our purpose is to share knowledge, connect lives and create change. We want to build on the strengths and work that already exists in the region and ultimately, get better at supporting people experiencing tough times,” Ms King said.

TCP Chief Executive Officer Ciara Sterling said recent research shows that both financial and social inequality are growing in Australia, leading to greater vulnerability.

“Despite an estimated $500 billion being spent annually on health, welfare, education and housing, millions of Australians are still living in, or on the edge of, financial vulnerability or poverty,” Ms Sterling said.

“As our population grows and economy shifts gears, it’s becoming harder for everyone to experience a fair go and achieve a quality of life that allows them and their families to thrive.”

 “When organisations work together, there are benefits for our health and life expectancy, our social and economic participation, financial resilience and the ability of our businesses and communities to grow and prosper sustainably,” Ms Sterling said.

TCP National, Deakin University and Wannon Water sponsored the workshop and launch on Monday.