Board Policy Framework

The Board Policy Framework is a set of principles endorsed and committed to by the Board to guide Wannon Water’s actions in pursuit of its strategic direction. It includes the following nine policy statements:

  • Customer Products and Services
  • Stronger Communities
  • Pricing
  • People and Culture
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Risk
  • Asset Management
  • Governance
  • Financial Performance

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Zero Harm Policy

The Zero Harm Policy sets out our commitment and approach to health and safety, water quality, recycled water and the environment.

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Customer Complaints & Disputes Policy

We are committed to delivering excellent service to our customers and achieving fair and reasonable resolutions to complaints in a timely manner.

We have established a Complaints & Disputes Policy.

For more information, see Enquiries and Complaints.

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Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

Wannon Water Board members, employees, and 'in-house' contractors and consultants are bound by this policy. The policy sets out our standards and procedures for responding to gift offers.

The policy is consistent with the standards set by the Victorian Public Sector Commission.

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Trade Waste Management Policy

Our Trade Waste Management Policy describes the requirements for accepting trade waste, (the waterborne waste excluding sewage) from industrial or commercial properties, into Wannon Water's sewerage systems.

For more information, visit our Trade Waste section.

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Customers Experiencing Hardship Policy

Wannon Water's Customers Experiencing Hardship Policy defines our approach to supporting customers experiencing either temporary or permanent hardship. It ensures all customers requiring additional support will be treated individually with respect and sensitivity, whilst keeping their circumstances confidential.

Our customer service team has been specially trained to support customers' needs in times of financial difficulty and can provide advice on:

  • Financial assistance and flexible payment arrangements
  • Government assistance schemes, including the Utility Relief Grant Scheme
  • Pensions and concessions
  • Independent financial counselling
  • Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria).


If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship in paying your account, please contact us.

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Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, you can request access to documents held by Wannon Water by writing to the Freedom of Information Manager and including payment of the non-refundable $30.60 application fee.

You can write a letter or fill in the Wannon Water Freedom of Information Application Form and send it to:

Freedom of Information Manager 
Wannon Water 
PO Box 1158 
Warrnambool VIC 3280

How to make a request

  • You need to give enough details for us to find the right documents. Avoid phrases like "all documents about" a topic;
  • If you ask for documents about your personal affairs, we may ask you to provide proof of your identity;
  • If you ask for documents on behalf of another person about their personal affairs, we may ask you for a consent form signed by that person.

How we respond

  • We may refer you to the wide range of information available to the public on the Internet;
  • If your request is not clear, or is too general, we may ask you to re-submit it so that it is clear or describes specific documents or a specific timeframe;
  • We will give you a decision about your request as soon as possible, and no later than 45 days after it is received or after it is clarified;
  • If we decide not to release some or all of the documents you want, we will give you reasons and tell you how to appeal;
  • We may suggest that you send your application to another agency, or transfer your request as appropriate.

Note: Further reasonable charges for photocopying and processing cost may be applicable.

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Privacy Charter

The Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 ("the Act") has been established to provide for responsible collection and handling of personal information in the Victorian public sector.

Personal information is defined in the Act as information or an opinion that is recorded in any form about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from the information or opinion.

The Act requires Wannon Water to comply with 10 Information Privacy Principles, more commonly known as the 10 IPPs. The 10 IPPs are set out below:
IPP 1 – Collection
IPP 2 – Use and disclosure
IPP 3 – Data quality
IPP 4 – Data security
IPP 5 – Openness
IPP 6 – Access and correction
IPP 7 – Unique identifiers
IPP 8 – Anonymity
IPP 9 – Transborder data flows
IPP 10 – Sensitive information
When we are collecting personal information, we have an obligation to let customers know why we require the information (usually so we can provide water and sewerage services) and to whom the personal information will generally be made available to (usually employees and sometimes contractors).

Among other requirements, we are responsible for ensuring the personal information is stored securely and is not disclosed or used for unauthorised purposes.

Wannon Water has adopted a Privacy Charter that explains the 10 Information Privacy principles in plain English terms.

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