Who does what in water?

A range of key agencies work together to manage water resources.

Sometimes their boundaries overlap, but each organisation has a different role and provides different services to the community.

  • Wannon Water manages drinking water, recycled water and sewerage/wastewater.
  • Southern Rural Water manages surface water and groundwater.
  • Local councils manage urban stormwater.
  • Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) manage river health and environmental water.

Wannon Water's service area encompasses a variety of catchments. These catchments are managed by the Corangamite CMA and the Glenelg Hopkins CMA.

A catchment is an area of land that collects water, which drains to the lowest point in the area which could be either a lake, a dam, or the sea. Rain falling on the land will make its way to this lowest point, via creeks, rivers and stormwater systems. The map below outlines all the catchments within Wannon Water's service area.

Wwa Catchment Map



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