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Wannon Water is committed to operating state-of-the-art facilities to provide customers with reliable water supply and sewerage services now and for future generations. 

All consultancy and construction tenders are publicly advertised.

To access or download any current tenders, please log on to Tenderlink by clicking here or on the above link (registration required).

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Current contracts

Wannon Water engages consultants to assist in the investigation, design and construction of major projects, the delivery of technical services and to provide corporate services. 

The contracts awarded in the last three months include:

Contract No.  

Contract Name 

Contract Price 

Contract Awarded To 

882 Design & Construction of Filter Renewals & Associated Works at Warrnambool Water Treatment Plant 1,040,593.00 Laurie Curran Water Pty Ltd
741 Aberline Road to Wangoom Road Water Main 187,980.00 Roger Constructions 
766 Warrnambool Water Reclaimation Plant Decanter Centrifuge Installation Works 453,530.58 ACE Electrical Infrastructure Pty Ltd
590 Port Fairy Sewer Rehabilitation 332,589.20 Underground Asset Service Pty Ltd
895 Camperdown Biosolids Facility Refurbishment 1843,037.28 Shamrock Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
894 Port Fairy Domestic WRP Aeration Upgrade 327,583.40 Greens Process Pty Ltd
893 Warrnambool STP Upgrade - Stage 1 - Effluent Screen 621,352.37 ACE Electrical Infrastructure Pty Ltd
879 Camperdown WTP Fluoride Dosing Plant 685,377.40 Dioxide Pacific 
883 Design & Implementation Risk Management System 198,000 PAN Software Pty Ltd
887 Plantation Rd Storage Bypass 911,980.94 Adept Drainage
847 Port Fairy WRP Aeration Upgrade Works - Electrical Work 541,132.50 Barwon Asset Solutions

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Procurement Policy

Wannon Water completes its purchasing and tendering in a transparent and ehtical manner. Read more here

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Purchasing terms

For details on Wannon Water's purchasing terms, please refer to the following documents:

If you have any further queries, please contact us.

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