Concessions & rebates

Concession card holders

Holders of Concession Cards, including Pensioner Concession Cards and Health Care Cards, may be entitled to a State Government Concession off their water account.

Eligible card holders are entitled to a concession of 50 per cent off their water and/or sewerage charges up to a maximum of $354.10 per year.

If you are eligible and you wish to register for a Pension Card or Health Care Card Concession please contact us or complete the Concession Registration Form. By registering your details you are authorising Wannon Water to confirm your ongoing eligibility with the issuer of your Concession Card.

For more information on water and sewerage concession, please visit the Victorian State Concession page on the Department of Health and Human Services website.


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Other concessions and rebates

Please contact us for information on the following concessions and rebates:

Life support machines - a concession is available for water usage charges associated with certain life support machines including haemodialysis machines.

Utility Relief Grant Scheme - eligible customers are able to apply for a once-off grant where they are unable to pay their account due to a temporary financial crisis.

Wannon Water's High Water Usage Allowance Procedure - provides assistance to eligible customers who experience a high water bill. Please contact us, as strict criteria apply.

Wannon Water's Financial Assistance Procedure - please refer to the Customer Support Policy page on this website for further information.

Water for Community Rebate - a rebate that supports not-for-profit organisations to deliver and maintain green public open spaces and sporting facilities for the benefit of communities in our region. For more information, visit Water for Community.


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