Please contact us for information on the following concessions and rebates:

Life support machines - a concession is available for water usage charges associated with certain life support machines including haemodialysis machines.

Utility Relief Grant Scheme - eligible customers are able to apply for a once-off grant where they are unable to pay their account due to a temporary financial crisis.

Sewerage and Water Connection Hardship Relief Grant Scheme - a once-off grant aimed at assisting eligible households experiencing financial hardship with the private plumbing cost of sewer and water connections.

Wannon Water's High Water Usage Allowance Procedure - provides assistance to eligible customers who experience a high water bill. Please contact us, as strict criteria apply.

Wannon Water's Financial Assistance Procedure - please refer to the Customers Experiencing Hardship Policy page on this website for further information.

Water for Community Rebate - a rebate that supports not-for-profit organisations to deliver and maintain green public open spaces and sporting facilities for the benefit of communities in our region. For more information, visit Water for Community.