Meter readings

Meter testing

If you believe your meter is not reading accurately, we can investigate this for you.

If it's found that the reading taken is in line with the recorded reading and that there are no visible leaks or damage to the meter, you can request that the meter be referred to an independent laboratory to validate the accuracy of the meter.

If the results indicate the meter is accurate or under-reading, then you will need to pay the associated costs (including the cost of the replacement meter). 

If the meter is not accurate and is over-reading the water consumption, we'll cover the costs of the test and the account will be revised accordingly. 

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Meter accessibility

Property owners are responsible for keeping the water meter accessible at all times for reading.

This may require maintenance work such as trimming plants, removing weeds, reducing the amount of soil around the meter, or removing debris from around the meter site.

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How to read your meter

You can keep track of the amount of water being used by members of your household by reading your meter regularly.

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Where billing is concerned you only need to read the black numbers (on a white background) which measure the kilolitres. Wannon Water only bills for the amount of kilolitres consumed (1 kilolitre = 1000 litres).

Reading your water meter regularly and keeping a simple record of your consumption can help you alter your consumption habits.

It can also help you detect possible leaks. A simple check involves turning off all water consumption devices and taps on your property (don't turn the tap or stopcock off at the meter) and looking to see if the water meter is still recording. If it is, you may wish to consult a licensed plumber to investigate and carry out appropriate repairs.

The orange numbers can be read to see how much water your average shower, laundry cycle or dishwasher uses. Just make sure to turn off all other water using appliances to give you an accurate reading.

For more information, download Use your meter to check for water leaks.

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