Family violence is a serious and widespread issue that affects an individual’s health and wellbeing and ultimately the whole community.

Wannon Water’s vision to go ‘beyond water for strong communities’ recognises our role in the broader health and wellbeing and economic prosperity of people in our region. As an essential service provider, Wannon Water actively works to support customers experiencing family violence, with the safety of our customers being paramount.

Wannon Water has procedures in place that outline the support available to all customers who may be experiencing family violence. The procedures acknowledge that customers may or may not choose to directly disclose their current or previous experience of family violence. It also acknowledges that some customers might provide indications that family violence may be occurring during interactions with Wannon Water staff, particularly in relation to bill payment.

Customers are encouraged to contact Wannon Water so that we can outline the support available to customers experiencing family violence, regardless of their current financial capacity. Furthermore, Wannon Water seeks to create a supportive environment where customers are comfortable in requesting assistance for family violence related concerns and are aware of the support available to them.

Details of assistance and referrals available to customers can be accessed via the support services phone numbers.