Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Drinking water in Australia is high quality and is well treated. At this stage there is no evidence that drinking water will be affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) or that it is transmitted in drinking water.

Water is an essential service and we are well prepared to manage our response to COVID-19. The safety of drinking water supplied to Victorians is regulated by the Department of Health under a comprehensive framework that aims to ensure a consistent, reliable supply of safe, good quality drinking water. 

This page is based on information supplied by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), which is the peak body representing the urban water sector.

It also includes links to the latest information from government agencies.

We’re here to help.

We understand that this is a really challenging time for everyone and due to COVID-19 you might find yourself in a situation you didn’t expect to be in.

If you are having difficulty paying your bill, please contact us. We offer a number of customer support and assistance programs and can tailor an option to suit your individual needs.

We can help in the following ways:

If you are unable to submit your request online or by email, please call us on 1300 926 666. Our specially trained customer service team will support you though the process. Due to current circumstances our phone lines might be busier than normal. If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I contact Wannon Water?

Find out more about our office locations and how to contact us.

We are available 24-7 for faults and emergencies on 1300 926 666.

How can I pay my Wannon Water bill?

The following payment options are available for bill payments.

  • myWannonWater customer portal
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit Card
  • Centrepay
  • Post Office 
  • Internet 
  • Telephone 
  • Mail 

For more information, visit our payment options page.

Can I catch coronavirus (COVID-19) from drinking water?

There is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted by drinking water.

The current evidence is that COVID-19 is most likely transmitted from person-to-person by sneezing and coughing.

Our drinking water is high quality and is well treated.

Should I buy bottled water?

There is no need to buy bottled water for drinking. Safe, clean tap water will continue to be supplied directly to your home or business every day.

How is Wannon Water protecting the water supply?

We have stringent hygiene measures in place at our water treatment plants. In addition, there is almost no human contact in the process of treating water for drinking.

Existing water treatment and disinfection processes, including use of chlorine, are effective in removing viruses from water supplies.

Our water treatment plants are secure, have back-up power supplies, have a high level of automation and can be operated remotely.

We are well prepared for supply-chain impacts as a result of the wider industry response to COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the supply of chemical, parts and equipment.

We are also in contact with key government agencies to monitor and understand the health impact of COVID-19 as it develops.

If Wannon Water employees are quarantined at home, will my water still be supplied?

Yes. Water is an essential service and we are well prepared to manage our response to COVID-19.

We have enacted our pandemic and emergency response plans. An Incident Management Team is implementing our response based on the most current available information.

Can coronavirus (COVID-19) be transmitted by the sewerage system?

Current treatment methods at sewage treatment plants are expected to be sufficient to manage COVID-19.

We will continue to manage and treat sewage and trade waste properly and carefully to protect public health and the environment.

Our sewage treatment plants are secure, have back-up power supplies, have a high level of automation, and can be operated remotely.

About drinking water quality in Australia

Australia’s drinking water is among the safest and most highly regulated in the world. Water utilities supply safe, high quality drinking water to cities and regions across Australia.

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council provide rigorous guideline values for water utilities to follow.

Further information

Victoria Department of Health

Australian Government Department of Health

Coronavirus Health Information Line - 1800 020 080

Call this line if you are seeking information on COVID-19.

The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.