Parts of the Wannon Water service region have been identified as high fire danger areas by the Country Fire Authority (CFA).

Our crews prepare for bushfire emergencies and are on standby to make urgent repairs to water mains and hydrants. However, they may not be able to safely access water supplies or respond to system failures.

Work in progress

Loss of electricity supply may cause our pumps, which transfer water, to fail. Extreme increased use of water by residents and the CFA during a bushfire may also cause a reduction in water pressure throughout our pipe networks.

We therefore cannot guarantee that water pressure or an uninterrupted water supply will be maintained during a bushfire.

How you can prepare

Keep a supply of drinking water in your fridge in preparation for high risk days or when bushfires are likely (three litres of water per person, per day is recommended as the minimum amount to have on hand).

We urge customers, particularly those in fire-prone areas and on rural properties, to consider alternative water supplies to fight fires as part of their fire plan.

The Country Fire Authority says that if you are confident, capable and prepared to actively defend your property, you should have the following resources and equipment as a minimum:

Talk to a water pump specialist for suitable petrol or diesel fire-fighting pumps as well as fittings and hoses required to protect your home.

Download our Bushfires and Your Water Supply Information Sheet.

How we prepare

Wannon Water prepares for the bushfire season by readying our people and our pipe networks to cope with extreme conditions. Our initiatives include:

Fire plugs

Wannon Water works closely with the CFA in the event of a bushfire so that: