Wannon Water prices

Lower bills for Wannon Water customers

Our customers can look forward to lower bills until 2023 with the average householder paying a maximum of $1,110 and tenants $201 a year.

The announcement by Victoria’s independent regulator, the Essential Services Commission (ESC), follows an extensive Price Submission process outlining Wannon Water’s activities and investments and the maximum prices we will charge customers from 2018 to 2023.

It's good news for our household customers, with average bills declining by 12 per cent over the past six years - from $1,262 to $1,110.

Our Price Submission is built on the feedback we received through a record level of engagement with our customers and the community. This included more than 3,000 instances of engagement through surveys, small group forums, community events, meetings, interviews and a deliberative forum. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Major projects

We will be investing more than $160 million in capital works projects over the five-year period to pave the way for long-term regional growth and investment.

We will also continue to protect and enhance the environment. The submission includes $2.1 million for projects that will reduce our carbon emissions, consistent with a goal to be carbon-neutral by 2050. This will save $1.2 million in annual operating costs with minimal impact on your customer bills.

Water for Community

An exciting new initiative is our Water for Community program which recognises the mental, physical and social benefits created through green public open spaces and sporting facilities.

It will support not-for-profit organisations such as recreation reserves, sporting facilities, showgrounds and swimming pools, providing rebates of up to 40 per cent, representing annual savings of up to $7,242 for each organisation.

Read more about all our plans in Our Five-Year Focus.

Price approvals

Wannon Water’s tariffs and miscellaneous charges are approved by one of two methods:Customer Service Symbolweb


Tariffs are regulated by the Essential Services Commission and set by resolution of the Board. Tariffs, including water, sewerage and regulated trade waste prices, are listed in Pricing Attachment 1 - Tariffs 2022/2023 and are set in accordance with Section 260 of the Water Act 1989.

Miscellaneous Charges

Miscellaneous charges are set by resolution of the Board or the Managing Director under delegation. Some miscellaneous charges are regulated by the Essential Services Commission. Other charges are listed in Pricing Attachment 2 - Schedule of Charges 2022/2023 and are set in accordance with Section 264 of the Water Act 1989. Note that Attachment 2 identifies the charges regulated by the Essential Services Commission.

Consistent with section 274(4A) of the Water Act 1989, if the person liable to pay the charge is the owner of the relevant property, that debt is a statutory charge secured against the title to that property.