Customer support and assistance

Difficulty paying bill

At different times throughout our lives our needs change, which can sometimes result in financial difficulty. In recognition of this, Wannon Water has developed a number of programs to assist customers. Wannon Water has a customer service team that have been specially trained to support customers' needs in times of financial difficulty.

Customer Hardship Policy

Wannon Water has in place a Customer Hardship Policy, which defines the approach to supporting customers experiencing either temporary or permanent hardship. The policy ensures all customers requiring additional support will be treated individually, with respect and sensitivity, whilst at the same time keeping your circumstances confidential. We will ensure this by customers having a central contact person at Wannon Water. Customers will be shielded from restriction and further recovery action and will be informed of all support available to them.

The Customer Hardship Policy provides details on the rights of customers experiencing hardship.

More information is available here Has your bill come at a difficult time?.

If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship in paying your account please Contact us.

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Family violence

Family violence is a serious and widespread issue that affects an individual’s health and wellbeing and ultimately the whole community.

Wannon Water’s vision to go ‘beyond water for strong communities’ recognises our role in the broader health and wellbeing and economic prosperity of people in our region. As an essential service provider, Wannon Water actively works to support customers experiencing family violence, with the safety of our customers being paramount.

Wannon Water has procedures in place that outline the support available to all customers who may be experiencing family violence. The procedures acknowledge that customers may or may not choose to directly disclose their current or previous experience of family violence. It also acknowledges that some customers might provide indications that family violence may be occurring during interactions with Wannon Water staff, particularly in relation to bill payment.

Customers are encouraged to contact Wannon Water so that we can outline the support available to customers experiencing family violence, regardless of their current financial capacity. Furthermore, Wannon Water seeks to create a supportive environment where customers are comfortable in requesting assistance for family violence related concerns and are aware of the support available to them.

Details of assistance and referrals available to customers can be accessed via the Support Services Phone Numbers

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Customer support

Wannon Water's Customer Relations team has an extensive understanding of hardship issues, including training on the following:

  • Government funded concession schemes
  • Wannon Water's programs that support customers in financial difficulty
  • Support and assistance available to customers experiencing family violence
  • Wannon Water's Customer Hardship Policy
  • Wannon Water's legal responsibilities including the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) and the Essential Services Commission's Customer Service Code requirements for hardship customers, and
  • Circumstances of customers experiencing financial hardship.

We understand that customers cannot always afford the minimum payment amounts required to manage their account. Accordingly, we will negotiate arrangements based on what customers can reasonably afford to pay. With an individual case management approach, we ensure that each customer's needs are appropriately and sensitively addressed. Customers are invited to contact Wannon Water at any time to discuss their situation.

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Financial Assistance Procedure

The Financial Assistance Procedure is designed to provide incentives to residential customers that continually meet their payments. After customers make a set number of payments, we will credit the customer's account to the value of one payment. If the customer continues to meet their arrangement over a period of time, we will review the account and adjust the balance where appropriate. Please Contact Us to obtain further information on eligibility criteria.

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Government assistance schemes

For those customers who meet the criteria, Wannon Water has information on various Government Assistance Schemes including the Utility Relief Grant Scheme which provides assistance to customers who are unable to pay their water account due to a temporary financial crisis.

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Pensions & concessions

Customers may hold a valid Pension or Concession Card and have not claimed a rebate on their water bill. This is often overlooked and contributes to a larger account than necessary. Wannon Water will grant a rebate as soon as we are aware and assist with claiming retrospective rebates which will reduce the outstanding account. Customers should Contact Us to discuss Pension and Concession entitlements.

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Financial counselling

Wannon Water can quickly refer customers to an independent financial counsellor at no cost to the customer. Financial counsellors are able to provide detailed information on your rights and the options available to you. Customers can discuss with the financial counsellor any financial matters that may be causing difficulty or distress. If you would like a referral, please Contact Us.

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Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria)

If you are not satisfied with the way in which Wannon Water has handled your situation you are able to request that your matter be referred to a higher level within Wannon Water for review. If you remain dissatisfied with the way your matter is handled or you are not satisfied with the outcome, you are able to refer the matter to the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) via the details below:

Freecall:   1800 500 509 (mobile rates apply)
Freefax:   1800 500 549 
Mail:  Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) Ltd 
  GPO Box 469D 
  Melbourne VIC 3001 

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