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myWannonWater is free for all Wannon Water customers and can be accessed using your smart phone, tablet or computer.

No need to pick up the phone or come into the office. Just have your latest bill handy to register today.

You can manage your account and pay your bills online when it suits you using our new customer portal known as myWannonWater.

Please note: you must wait to receive your first bill before you can register for myWannonWater.

A word about browsers:  Although myWannonWater supports most browsers, we have recently been having issues with Safari on iOS 13 and 14.

If you are having issues connecting, please try using Chrome instead and ensure it is not in ‘incognito’ mode.

We are in the process of fixing myWannonWater to support all browsers but this is taking longer than expected.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.  

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With myWannonWater you can:

  • View and download a copy of your bill
  • View and download your payment history
  • View your water usage history
  • Pay your bill online by credit card
  • Set up a direct debit to pay your account in full
  • Request a payment extension
  • Change names and/or addresses
  • Submit a meter reading
  • Request future bills be sent via email

Need help registering?

Call our friendly team on 1300 926 666 or drop into one of our Customer Service Centres between 8.15am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

myWannonWater FAQs

  • I can’t log into myWannonWater ...

You need an invoice number to register, so you must wait to receive your first bill before you can register for myWannonWater.

Your name must be entered in the registration screen exactly as it appears in our billing system. Please call 1300 926 666 to confirm we have the correct spelling of your name.

Check the account number and invoice number you have entered.  The invoice number must be from the latest invoice you have received from Wannon Water.

  • I can’t complete my registration as I didn’t receive an email with the verification code ...

You can start the registration process again – if you still don’t receive an email with the verification code, you may have typed your email incorrectly. Call Wannon Water on 1300 926 666 and we can check the email address entered.

  • My partner and I own different properties. Can we use the same email address to login?

Unfortunately each customer must have their own email address.

  • I have changed my email address ...

You will need to call Wannon Water on 1300 926 666 to cancel your registration with your old email details.

  • I forgot my password ...

You can make a request to change your password from the log-in screen. Enter your email address and then select “Forgot your password” – a verification code will be sent to your email address.

  • Why can’t I see my invoice?

Your internet browser may have blocked the invoice as a popup. Check for blocked popups on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Depending on the internet browser you are using, the invoice may open in a new tab or it may be displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

  • I would like to pay my bill with my credit card. Is this a secure payment option?

It is a secure payment gateway hosted by Westpac. Credit card details are stored by Westpac, not by Wannon Water.