Great Tasting Water Project

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We're currently seeking feedback from residents and businesses in Port Fairy, Portland and Heywood in a bid to improve the taste of the town water supplies.

It's part of our Great Tasting Water Project which aims to improve community health and support the local economy by reducing mineral salts in the water supplies.

We know from feedback that these communities are less satisfied with their water compared to other parts of our region.

The water is sourced from deep underground and, once treated, it is safe to drink. However, it contains naturally occurring mineral salts which impact the taste and can cause scaling of water appliances.

To reduce the salt levels, we'll have to upgrade the water treatment plants in the three towns with desalination technology. This would be expensive to build and operate, but our initial research indicates the overall benefits would outweigh these costs.

Improving the taste would reduce the amount of money spent on bottled water and other sugary drinks, and result in improved community health and less plastic waste.

The next step is to talk to local communities and understand the benefits of the project, including reduced household and business costs.

We’re asking residents and businesses in each of these towns to tell us how much they’re spending on things like bottled water, rainwater tanks and appliances as a result of the water quality.

You can get involved by:

  • Completing this survey
  • Arranging a time to chat with the project team via phone
  • Registering your interest to attend a drop-in session in late October.

Further information about the project is available by calling us on 1300 926 666.