Toolkit request form

A "toolkit" has been developed to help assess the financial viability of roof water harvesting systems within Australia and to allow quick comparisons with other potential water supply sources. By entering a number of key parameters, it allows a roof water harvesting system to be defined in terms of the collection system, transfer pipelines, storage basins and a treatment plant. 

The toolkit, available on CD, comprises a number of data sets to assist in the evaluation of Regional Roof Water Harvesting as a means of sourcing the additional water needed for growing urban communities. It is intended to be a high-level tool to determine quickly the cost per megalitre of water from the roof water harvesting system for comparison with other augmentation options. 

Please complete the form below to request a toolkit be mailed to you. 

Note: Supplies are limited. Toolkits will be provided for business purposes only. The toolkit can also be viewed at any Wannon Water Customer Service Centre.