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Social Media Acceptable Use Statement

Our official social media pages are operated and managed by Wannon Water. For clarification on any content, please email

Our social media profiles exist so that you can hear about our activities, events and programs and connect with others.

We encourage discussion and endeavour to respond to questions where appropriate.

Keep in mind that we only monitor social media during normal business hours and we don't consider all of our responses as formal responses.

If an urgent or personal matter arises, contact us by calling 1300 926 666.


We want everyone to feel comfortable online, so please don’t:

  • Abuse, harass or threaten others
  • Offend others, particularly in reference to an individual’s age, race, gender, sexuality, political beliefs, religion or disability
  • Use obscene or offensive language
  • Post material which is deliberately misleading
  • Spam or advertise on our profiles
  • Repost comments continuously
  • Impersonate or falsely represent any other person
  • Share information that you want to keep private or secure
  • Break the Terms and Conditions of the social media website you are using.


By posting on social media channels, you may be making information publicly available to others.

We may use personal information in accordance with our Privacy Charter. Materials authored or posted are subject to public disclosure.

Unacceptable use

We reserve the right to moderate, remove or block content that violates this Acceptable Use Statement or any associated policy.  People who persistently breach the guidelines may be permanently blocked from our social media pages.