Big Brown Bins

Big Brown Bins 1


We've launched a quirky campaign that aims to highlight the importance of the sewerage services we provide to our customers.

The Big Brown Bin campaign has been devised to “make the invisible visible”.

We know from our engagement work that, when many customers think about Wannon Water, they naturally think ‘water’. We’re keen to educate them about the other side of our story because we all know that what goes in, must come out!

The Big Brown Bin campaign focuses on the amount of sewage and wastewater that residential customers produce each week.

We’ve estimated that the average family contributes 2,400 litres to the sewerage network on a weekly basis. This includes sewage from their toilets and wastewater from things like showers, baths, sinks and washing machines.

To make it relatable, we’ve converted the figure to represent 80-litre rubbish bins, meaning the average family would produce 30 bins each week. Just imagine having to cart those out onto your nature strip ready for their weekly collection.

While the Big Brown Bin concept is just a bit of fun, the message is important. 

At Wannon Water, we’re more than just water. Our sewerage service helps to protect public health and the environment and, as the campaign messaging states, we’re here to take a load off our customers’ minds.

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