Gellibrand Summer Flows Improvement Project

The Gellibrand Summer Flows Improvement Project aims to improve the ecological health of the Gellibrand River by increasing flows in the river over summer.

Low summer flows in the river have been identified as a risk to the ecological values of the river such as fish populations. The Western Region Sustainable Water Strategy (Victorian Government, 2011) identified improving the environmental flows to the Gellibrand River as a priority action.

The project, a partnership between Wannon Water, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and Southern Rural Water, has produced an options report which you can read here

The report identifies the following options that aim to reduce extractions from the river over summer:

Possible option Next steps Status 
Summer water efficiency campaign

Wannon Water and the Corangamite CMA will work together to deliver a water efficiency campaign


In progress


Airspace option (drawing down existing storages over summer)

A project to optimise the operation of the Otway System and challenge the current storage operation rules



In progress




Modified N6 (no treatment)

Assessment of the water quality risks to determine the extent to which the existing Carlisle River bores (capacity 6ML/d) can be run over summer given the known iron and manganese issues

Discussion with SRW and private irrigators re. protection of environmental flows gained through this option (including an adjusted flow management regime with associated monitoring)


In progress


Contingent on the above


Curdievale bore - C10

A hydro ecological consultancy to better quantify environmental benefits of this option and other related options – led by CCMA

Development of a business case comparing costs and benefits.


Contingent on funding


Contingent on the above



Community engagement on these options will be a key component of a future Sustainable Water Strategy. In the meantime, if you have any feedback on the options please let us know by calling us on 1300 926 666 or by sending an email to