Community engagement

Regional Advisory Forum

Our Regional Advisory Forum (RAF) involves voluntary participants who reflect the diversity of our region. 

The RAF meets twice a year to help guide our annual engagement cycle.

Participants support us by:

  • Sharing emerging local and regional issues.
  • Providing insight into a range of diverse experiences across our community.
  • Helping to identify what areas we should focus our engagement on.
  • Developing a deeper understanding of insights from our customers and stakeholders.
  • Reviewing our annual corporate plans and draft price submission for the new pricing period in 2027.

More information is in the RAF Terms of Reference.


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What we heard in 2022

Your feedback is a vital part in helping us to ensure that our services meet the expectations and priorities for our community. That’s why we loved hearing your views and ideas on key decisions to help us plan for the future.

In 2022, we captured a diversity of voices through our engagement program. Read more about what we heard.

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