Community engagement

Partnering for stronger communities

At Wannon Water we are committed to going beyond water for strong communities. We recognise the vital role our organisation plays within the region and we are committed to working with our communities to develop effective long-term relationships.

Our Community Strategy, Partnering for Stronger Communities, aims to build on the relationships we have forged with our communities, helping them to flourish. We believe that building stronger communities is inextricably linked with building value for our customers, building value for our community and making our contribution to a better world. 

Partnering for Stronger Communities highlights four key themes that are important to our organisation and to our communities:

  • Regional prosperity
  • Education, training and volunteering
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Natural environment

To learn more about our approach to community engagement, and how you can get involved, download our Partnering for Stronger Communities brochure.


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What we heard in 2020

Your feedback is a vital part in helping us to ensure that our services meet the expectations and priorities for our community. That’s why we loved hearing your views and ideas on key decisions to help us plan for the future. In 2020, we captured a diversity of voices through our customer and community engagement program.

 Wannon Water Regional Overview Engagement Overview 2020 01

Last year, we received great information from participants and here is a summary of what we heard.

This year, we're interested in your feedback on:

  • Our prices  
  • Our services 
  • Aspirations community and sustainability 

Customer and community engagement is an ongoing initiative at Wannon Water. Stay tuned to find out more and have your say in 2021.

If you would like to be involved in the future, please let us know. Email us:

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Community Engagement Framework

Community engagement at Wannon Water is a genuine process of working with people to build capacity, strengthen relationships and inform decisions.

We are committed to developing processes to encourage greater community participation and opportunities for engagement.

You can read more about our Community Engagement Framework here

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