Tours & presentations (suspended)

At Wannon Water we are taking steps to do our bit to limit the spread of COVID-19 by suspending our education tours and presentations until further notice.

All current bookings will be contacted directly. If you have any enquiries, please email and we will respond to you as soon as possible. 

Presentations & activities (suspended)

Wannon Water offers a range of presentations and activities for school and community groups. 

Education visits

Wannon Water has a range of engaging education activities which are linked to the Victorian curriculum.

Bookings are currently suspended for 2020. Download a copy of the education program for more information.

Schools throughout the service region can request a visit to learn more about water through the following educational activities:


Clap Clap Choose Tap

Learn about the importance of water for your body.

Term 1 now booked out!

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  1. Water warrior vs water waster - Make choices about water efficiency
  2. Tapping into water - Explore the journey of water from the source to the tap
  3. Water for my body - Importance of water for your health
  4. The story of a raindrop - learn about the water cycle
Water Cycle





  1. Water sources - Identify water sources and explore with mapping tools
  2. Be Clever Never Ever - Learn about what should go down the drain
  3. Water use tournament - Explore different water uses in the community
  4. Water wise gardening - Learn about water efficient gardening practices
  5. Water warrior vs water waster - Make choices about water efficiency
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  1. Water for my body - Investigate different drink choices 
  2. Water as a resource - Explore the water cycle and movement of water with mapping tools.
  3. Water and sewage treatment - learn about the process of treating water and sewage.

Community education presentations and tours

Presentations can be tailored to suit the needs of particular groups. Topics for presentations include:

  • Wannon Water overview 
  • Water sources and treatment, water security and efficiency
  • Wannon Water in the community

Tours of Wannon Water facilities are also available to community groups.

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Tours (suspended)

Wannon Water offers guided tours of facilities throughout our service area, including water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, diversion weirs and pump stations.

Tours are very popular with school and community groups who enjoy learning the finer details. Wannon Water provides tours free of charge to schools and community groups within our service area and may be able to assist with transport to and from each locaion.

Wannon Water has over 30 assets available for tours. 

Please read the tour Terms and Conditions.

 Wsp Tour West Warrnambool

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