Recycled water

Recycled water is water that has already been used by urban communities or industry then treated to a high standard so it can be used again for specific purposes. This resource is a valuable water supply alternative for non-drinking uses.

Wannon Water proactively implements recycled water projects, transforming a once low-value product into a beneficial resource for industry and for irrigation on land and recreational facilities such as golf courses.

Using recycled water

Fourteen of our sewage treatment plants provide recycled water for irrigation to land. 

In Hamilton, the sewage treatment plant treats recycled water to secondary treatment level before it is stored. A 'tertiary' sewage treatment plant is available to treat some of this water with ultra filtration technology to produce recycled water for use by industry when required. This purpose-built plant was the first of its kind in Victoria. The balance of the secondary treated water is reused to irrigate: 

  • pasture for cattle grazing at the Monivae property owned by Wannon Water;
  • pasture for sheep grazing at the Beath Street property owned by Wannon Water;
  • commercial instant turf farm; and
  • Hamilton golf course and two sporting ovals.

Wannon Water also has an agreement with Origin Energy to supply recycled water to the Mortlake Power Station Project, easing the demand on other local water resources.

Recycled water customer information

The following resources are useful for customers using recycled water: