11 January 2024

Wannon Water launches a new hydration trailer

Media release
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The water corporation has launched its Thirst Aid Station, a 1,000-litre trailer available for loan to provide free water refills at major local events.

The Thirst Aid Station will make its debut at the Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic weekend on February 3 and 4, offering hydration at the finish line of the 267-kilometre race.

It will head to the Port Fairy Rail Reserve on February 17 and 18 for the Community Market and Port Fairy Marathon.

The Thirst Aid Station complements Wannon Water’s portable free-standing drinking water points and 19-litre water coolers which have previously been available for community events. They are part of the Water for Events program which delivers substantial cost and environmental savings for both event organisers and attendees.

General Manager Corporate and Community Services Kellie King emphasised the program’s significance in enhancing community wellbeing: “This initiative reflects our commitment to go beyond water for strong communities. We aim to provide attendees with the option to easily refill their bottles and cups at events.”

“Recognising the rising costs of organising community events, we’re offering these resources to our community free of charge,” Ms King said. “We want to enhance people’s health and reduce costs and plastic waste.”

Considering the recent surge in the cost of living, bottled water prices in Australia have exceeded an average of $3 per litre of water, more than the price of petrol. Producing bottled water generates 600 times more carbon dioxide than tap water, contributing significantly to litter at local beaches and in waterways.

The Warrnambool Multicultural Festival played a role in testing the Thirst Aid Station last year.

Multicultural Association president Daisy Ye said people were queuing up to refill their bottles. “It was heartening to see. Lots of kids were using the drinking tap on the back of the station.”
“We greatly appreciate Wannon Water’s support in supplying water free of charge to the public at community events.”

The Port Fairy Folk Festival has enjoyed sustained support through the Water for Events program. Patrons have refilled their bottles with thousands of litres of water over the past few years, saving a huge amount of plastic waste.

Thirst Aid Station applicants need to contact Wannon Water directly and provide at least eight weeks’ notice.