Get to know your water meter

A water meter records the amount of water you use so that we can calculate your water usage charge. We read your meter every three months, or more frequently for some business customers. If you notify us that you are moving in or out of a property, we’ll organise a special reading so that you only pay for the water you use.

If the meter reading taken at your property is a lot higher than usual, we’ll notify you as soon as possible, either through SMS, email, or via a letter in the mail.

Your water meter is near your property’s front boundary, but this may differ if you have a unit, farm or business. Each meter has a stop tap to turn the water off for plumbing repairs or if one of your pipes has burst.

Things to know

Learn how to check for leaks
Did you know you can use your water meter to check for leaks? It’s quick and easy – find out how.