Buying or selling a property?

If you’re buying or selling a property, your solicitor or conveyancer will take care of the details. They’ll organise us to open your account if you’re buying, or close it if you’re selling.

When you sell, they’ll ask us to take a special meter reading before settlement. They’ll then adjust your account at settlement so you won’t receive a final bill from us.

Solicitors and conveyancers can request a Property Information Statement and special meter reading.

Customers can also use LANDATA for land title and property information.

Renting a residential property?

If you rent a property with its own water meter, you’re responsible for paying the charges for water use. Your landlord will pay the fixed water and sewerage charges.

If you’re moving into or out of a residential rental property you’ll need to complete a Residential Rental Advice Form. Your real estate agent or the property owner can also complete this form.

You’ll need to notify us at least two days before your move so we can take a meter reading and issue a final account. That way we’ll only bill you for the water you use while occupying the property.

If we’re not advised that a renter has moved out, the renter will be continue to be responsible for any water usage charges after they have left the property.

If we’re not advised that a new renter has moved in, the property owner will be liable for any water usage charges.

If you’re renting at a property with a shared meter or if it’s a non-residential rental property, you’ll need to contact us.

Moving house and hold a concession card?

When you move, your concession doesn’t follow you to your new address.

Please update your details with Centrelink and then contact us to make the change.

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Need to authorise a nominee?
Are you the owner of a non-residential property who needs to send an an account to a nominee? Then authorise a nominee by completing our online form.