Where your money goes?

Victoria’s independent regulator, the Essential Services Commission, approves our prices and charges. They generally change on 1 July each year.

Your payments help us to provide fresh drinking water and manage sewage and trade waste.

You also contribute to:

  • Maintaining and upgrading our assets, including treatment plants and water and sewerage mains.
  • Customer service, cyber security and new technologies.
  • Community support and environmental programs.

We’ll send you a bill every three months although some business customers may receive them more often. You’ll generally have 28 days to pay unless you’ve made special arrangements with us.

Our charges

Our bills may include a range of fixed and variable charges.

They include:

Water usage – A variable charge depending on the amount of water you use.

Water service and sewerage service – These fixed charges help cover the cost of maintaining and upgrading our water and sewerage systems. If a water or sewer main passes through – or in front of – your property, and can provide a service to it, it will be called ‘serviced’. The charge you pay will depend on whether your property is connected to the mains or not. Note: These charges don’t apply to residential tenants.

Fire service – A charge for properties that have a private fire service connection.

Sewage and trade waste volume charge – A charge that applies to business customers who dispose of sewage and trade waste through our systems.

For more details take a look at our approved prices and charges.

Pricing-2024-25 • PDF • 34 KB
Schedule-of-Charges-2024-25 • PDF • 336 KB


If you fail to pay by the date on your bill, we’ll take action to recover the outstanding amount, including interest. You’ll face collection or legal costs and we may restrict your water supply.

Breaches of the Water Act 1989 or Wannon Water’s By-Laws are linked to penalty units. The Department of Treasury and Finance updates the value of a penalty unit in July each year.