If you’re planning to renovate, extend your house, landscape, or put in a pool, make sure you locate the sewer and water assets first.


Updating an existing building? Then follow these steps.

New build?

Starting from scratch instead of renovating? Follow these steps if you’re building a new property.

Demolishing a home?

Demolishing a home and need to disconnect the services? Then lodge an application to disconnect.

Planning a build in the Otway area?
It’s vital that we protect our drinking water supplies from the impacts of onsite wastewater treatment systems. That’s why we review new planning permit applications for new land use or development in the Otway water supply area.
Planting near drains and sewers
Read our handy advice to help you choose suitable locations to plant your trees and shrubs. This will help minimise damage and blockages to our sewers, water mains and drains.