Need to connect, or alter a connection?

You can apply online to connect your property, or alter a connection, to our water, sewerage and roof water harvesting network.

What you’ll need

When you apply for a new connection, we’ll ask you to provide some important details about your property including:

  • Your plumber’s name and Victorian Building Authority (VBA) licence number.
  • A site or floor plan.
  • A subdivision number (if your property is not titled).

Connection fees

Fees for you connection will apply. Take a look at our prices and charges or contact us to find out more.

Application times

We usually need at least 3 business days to process connection applications.

We’re here to help. So, contact us if you have any questions.

How to apply

You can apply for a connection online now. If you’re having difficulty accessing the form or need help – then contact our team on 1300 926 666 for assistance.

Connect to our water network.

Connect to our sewerage network

Have you thought about…

Managing Trade Waste
Trade waste, produced by industry and businesses, gets discharged though our network and needs to be managed appropriately.
Backflow prevention
Find out how we’ll assess and prevent backflow from your property.

Connect to our roof water harvesting system

Installation of a sewage plastic pipe during the construction of a house. A yellow digger sits idle in the background.
Submit your As-Constructed Plan
An As-Constructed Plan must be submitted within 10 working days of connection of fire services, roof water harvesting and sewerage services.

Who’s responsible?

Take a look at the diagrams below to see who’s responsible for which part of your water or sewer service.