30 May 2024

Local residents asked to monitor for water leaks

Project update
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Hamilton, Dunkeld and Tarrington residents are being urged to be extra vigilant about reporting any water leaks or burst pipes around their towns over the next few months.

The call comes as Wannon Water takes a huge tank at the Hamilton Water Treatment Plant offline as part of an important upgrade project. The tank stores clear water that’s been through the treatment process and is ready to be distributed to customers in the three towns.

Branch Manager Operations Wayne Murdoch said the roof of the 11-million-litre tank would be replaced and the inside surface recoated.

“The project is part of our proactive approach to maintaining our assets, and will ensure the tank can continue to provide reliable, secure services and high quality water for the community for decades to come,”
Wayne Murdoch

Wannon Water has scheduled the work to take advantage of a typically low water demand period, allowing the tank to be offline from late May to October. An adjoining two-million-litre tank will be used as Hamilton’s principal clear water storage during that period.

Mr Murdoch said with the smaller storage tank in use, it was particularly important that local residents and businesses become extra mindful of their water usage.

Crews are also on standby to identify, isolate and repair any water leaks or burst water pipes as soon as possible.

“We’re appealing for people to help us by reporting any water flows that don’t appear to be normal as a priority. You might notice them where our pipes, valves and hydrants are located underneath and along streets, nature strips or footpaths,” Mr Murdoch said. “Even if you’re not sure, please report the location as soon as possible so we can investigate.”

Reports can be made to Wannon Water’s hotline on 1300 926 666 at any time of the day or night.