02 July 2024

Wannon Water wins inaugural ENVIRO award

Media release
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Wannon Water has won the 2024 Circular Project award at the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association Australia’s (WMRR) ENVIRO Awards.

Presented on June 26 at WMRR’s ENVIRO Conference in Brisbane, the industry award celebrates leaders in the field who are maximising resources and making lasting change for their communities.

We were recognised for our innovative work towards bringing a circular economy to life. In particular, WMRR acknowledged the development of our Circular Economy Roadmap and Planning Toolkit as well as the ongoing collaborative work being done across the region.  

Executive Strategy & Innovation, Jo McBain said it was fantastic to get recognition for this work and the wide engagement Wannon Water facilitated to help inform the project’s design. 

People are central to this project and our approach was to activate ideas and connections across our region and share our learnings through a practical toolkit. To see a circular economy realised, you need to take a systems approach and focus on changing behaviours.
Jo McBain

With only 5.4% of materials across Australia being circular, it is vital that industry, community and government come together and play their part in the transition. Wannon Water has focused on taking a proactive approach to circular economy principles and sharing best practices on how to implement these throughout the business and wider community.

The Circular Economy Roadmap and Planning Toolkit is designed to be used by other organisations and contains examples and practical guides for water utilities implementing circular design principles.

“The project’s enduring legacy lies in its role as a catalyst for regional collaboration and collective action. We’ve laid foundations to help guide other organisations taking up the challenge of transitioning to a circular economy,” said Ms McBain.

This project was made possible with seed funding from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action and supported by project partners ThinkPlace and Tonkin + Taylor.