Is your property damaged?

We understand it can be very stressful when the unexpected happens. So, here’s what to do if you have a burst water pipe or a sewer pipe overflow.

What should you do first?

Let us know immediately by calling 1300 926 666.

Then contact your insurance company. They’ll help you arrange any required clean up, repairs or replacement of damaged property. 

What will we do? 

Our immediate priority is to make the area around the burst water pipe or overflowed sewer pipe safe. We’ll then fix the issue and any damage to footpaths, nature strips or roads.

We’ll also see if there’s anything else we can do to reduce the possibility of the problem reoccurring.

How will we clean up the mess?

We’ll arrange an initial clean up if your property has been impacted by a burst water pipe or sewer pipe that’s caused a mess. Where a sewer has overflowed, we’ll also disinfect the area to ensure it’s safe. When our maintenance operators are on site, they may also document the damage and take photos.

They may make a return visit the following day for a further clean up, disinfection or the reinstatement of garden beds etc. This work may also be carried out by a contractor on our behalf.

Our Customer Support Team will contact you to help with any questions you may have and to proactively manage the incident. They will keep you updated on the progress of the clean up and help you submit a claim for compensation where the damage is our fault.

What do you need to do next?

You should keep as much evidence as possible of the damage that’s been caused. This could include photos of the damage and receipts for any expenses you have paid as a result.

Once you’ve decided how much compensation you’re seeking from us, our Customer Support Team will help you complete a Request for Compensation Form.

What if you have home and contents insurance?

We recommend you contact your insurance company. They have all the available resources and expertise to get your property back to how it was. If you want to lodge a claim through your insurance, instead of claiming through us, then that’s okay.

If you choose to claim through your insurance company, you can still submit a Request for Compensation Form to us to recover your insurance excess.