What’s the issue?

We remove hundreds of tonnes of unwanted bathroom products and kitchen waste from our sewerage system each year.

Across Australia, it’s costing the community millions of dollars to deal with the issues these products cause. They can block your pipes, clog up our systems and have long-term impacts on the environment.

The main causes of blocked pipes in homes and in the sewerage network are:

  • Flushing wet wipes, cotton buds, sanitary products and other rubbish down the toilet.
  • Washing cooking fats, oils, grease and food scraps down the sink.

These type of materials can bank up and cause overflows. This can be a health and environmental nightmare, with raw sewage overflowing into homes, backyards and local waterways. It can also mean costly plumbing repairs on your property.

Blockages due to trees

Tree roots commonly cause damage to sewerage pipes. They can enter small cracks in your pipes to seek out nutrients and then continue to grow. As they grow, they take up more space and slow down your drainage. This can eventually cause a blockage.

Signs of a blockage include slow drainage, gurgling noises or odours coming from drains.

Try not to plant trees within six metres of sewerage pipes. Your local nursery can advise on trees and their root systems.