Experiencing an unplanned fault?

Sometimes, unplanned faults affect our water and sewer network and can impact your service.

So, if you notice a water or sewer problem, please report it to us day or night on 1300 926 666.

We’ll then get onto resolving the issue as soon as we can.

Things to keep in mind

When the supply returns, your water may be discoloured or cloudy. If this is the case, please run a tap for a minute or two until the water becomes clear.

Don’t have any water? The stop tap on your water meter may have been accidentally turned off. So, check that the stop tap is turned to the ‘on’ position.

What if the burst is on your property?

If the burst is on your side of the water meter, you’ll need to contact a licensed plumber to arrange for it to be repaired.

In an emergency, you can stop the flow of water to your house by turning off the stop tap at your water meter. If you have trouble stopping the flow, then give us a call.

Who’s responsible?

Take a look at the diagrams below to see who’s responsible for which part of your water or sewer service.